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          Ruian Zhenjia IMP&EXP CO.,LTD is a company specializing in auto parts industry and trade with the import and export company, main products are electronic fan, heater valve, household appliances switches, company is located in the world-famous China Motorcycle - Zhejiang Ruian, professional, industrial structure regional economic activity, the geographical position is superior, adjacent to 104 National Road and the lukewarm blessing railroad, from Wenzhou airport ...  
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          ·Electronic fan
          ·Hot water valve
          ·Electrical switch
          ·Sanitary ware
          ·Sanitary ware
          Ruian Zhenjia IMP&EXP CO.,LTD Address: Zhejiang province Ruian city Garbo Anyang Jinyuan D buildings1unit 1001 rooms telephone: Fax:0577-652226600577-65222661 URL: www.thdesano.com   振佳進出口貿易